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XM Studios: Europe Easter Special - 2018


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XM Studios: Europe Easter Special - 2018 Empty XM Studios: Europe Easter Special - 2018

Message  GrumpyBear Mar 20 Mar 2018, 10:35

XM Studios Europe News

XM Studios: Europe Easter Special - 2018 Fbeasternnws8j

"Dear Collectors and Friends,

Spring is in the air and today we like to announce our Easter Special at GHeroes to you. From the 20th March to the 2nd April every order from a statue "In Stock" includes the shipping cost. Ready for you in europe at are pieces like XM Carnage 1/4 statue the psychopathic killer, XM Red Skull 1/4 statue the diabolical mastermind or XM Black Cat 1/4 statue the sexy feline master thief. Thank you. You can find our current XM Studios Premium Collectibles statues "In Stock" in our shop under "XM Studios Now". They are waiting for you in amazingly detailed 1/4 and 1/6 scale cold-cast porcelain. Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish.


In Stock under XM Studios Now with free shipping:

XM Winter Soldier 1/4 Statue
XM Carnage 1/4 Statue
XM Magdalena 1/4 Statue
XM Red Skull1/4 Statue
XM Black Cat 1/4 Statue
XM Beta Ray Bill 1/4 Statue
XM Iron Fist 1/4 Statue
XM Spider-Man & Mary Jane 1/4 Statue
XM Kingpin 1/4 Statue
XM Namor 1/4 Statue
XM Shibumi 1/4 Statue
XM Electro 1/4 Statue
XM Ultimate Swordsman 1/4 Statue
XM Sandman 1/4 Statue
XM Mysterio 1/4 Statue
XM Kraven 1/4 Statue
XM Medusa 1/4 Statue
XM Dr Strange 1/4 Statue
XM She Hulk 1/4 Statue

XM Ogre God 1/4 Bust
XM Thor 1/4 Bust
XM Rhino 1/4 Bust

HX Hawkeye 1/6 Statue
HX Black Widow 1/6 Statue
HX Thor 1/6 Statue
HX Loki 1/6 Statue


XM Studios Shop - Links.

XM Studios Now - In Stock (English)

XM Studios Now - Auf Lager (German)


You can find more information about PreOrder, In Stock and how to buy on our homepage in the FAQs under both links.

XM Studios Shop - FAQ (English)

XM Studios Shop - FAQ (German)


New event for XM Studios Premium Collectibles starts with the TAGCC 2018 from 7th - 8th April.

Have a nice week!

Best Regards

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