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    ONIRI CREATIONS : Robocop 1/4


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    ONIRI CREATIONS : Robocop 1/4  Empty ONIRI CREATIONS : Robocop 1/4

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    ONIRI CREATIONS : Robocop 1/4  Robocop_robocop_gallery_6164dd11ec515

    ONIRI CREATIONS : Robocop 1/4  Robocop_robocop_gallery_6164dd1247e26

    ONIRI CREATIONS : Robocop 1/4  Robocop_robocop_gallery_6164dd1296083

    ONIRI CREATIONS : Robocop 1/4  Robocop_robocop_gallery_6164dd12e6df9

    ONIRI CREATIONS : Robocop 1/4  Robocop_robocop_gallery_6164dd1343ad6

    ONIRI CREATIONS : Robocop 1/4  Robocop_robocop_gallery_6164dd13e688e

    ONIRI CREATIONS : Robocop 1/4  Robocop_robocop_gallery_6164dd149c58c

    ONIRI CREATIONS : Robocop 1/4  Robocop_robocop_gallery_6164dd1501887

    $1,039 - Oct 2022 - Dec 2022

    For Oniri Creations' very first statue in their new QSC (Quarter Scale Collectible) line, we are proud to present to you Robocop.
    From the original 1987 film, a monument of genre cinema, RoboCop is here represented on an elegant base in order to highlight all the presence of the character. Limited to 500 copies only, each statue will be delivered with its certificate of authenticity.
    From the top of its 60cm (with raised arm), this statue will not leave you indifferent in view of its dimensions. With the use of silicone for the mouth part, Murphy will seem to come to life in your collection.
    With its 2 switch-out arms, you will be able to display your RoboCop arm outstretched aiming at his enemies, or Auto-9 raised as he does many times in the film. With a superb armor paint job that is as faithful to the original material as possible, each hue has been meticulously hand-painted to give the character that unique look.
    From the metal parts to the rubber body parts and the matte black of the famous Auto-9 pistol, every material has been carefully recreated so as to make the ultimate RoboCop statue.
    For the base, Oniri Creations went for something elegant with a ground part that could be that of a factory. Oil stains and cracks caused by the weight of officer 001 bring life to the environment. The lower part of the base part is made from the patterns of the armor, as well as the OCP logo in the center.
    BrandRoboCopManufacturerOniri CreationsTypeStatue

    • Pierre-Marie Albert (Sculpt)

    • Kevin Ferrer (Paint)

    • David Letondor (Sculpt)

    Limited to only 500 copies worldwide

    Height: 23.6" (59.9 cm)
    Width: 13.2" (33.5 cm)
    Depth: 11.8" (30 cm) *


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