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    VAMPIRELLA - 1:3 Scale Statue


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    VAMPIRELLA - 1:3 Scale Statue  Empty VAMPIRELLA - 1:3 Scale Statue

    Message  doom Lun 06 Mar 2023, 11:35



    VAMPIRELLA - 1:3 Scale Statue  Vampirella-bonus-version_dynamite_scale_6402751059f3a

    VAMPIRELLA - 1:3 Scale Statue  Vampirella-bonus-version_dynamite_gallery_6402750eb35ea

    VAMPIRELLA - 1:3 Scale Statue  Vampirella-bonus-version_dynamite_gallery_6402750f0ed29

    VAMPIRELLA - 1:3 Scale Statue  Vampirella-bonus-version_dynamite_gallery_6402756fb4757

    VAMPIRELLA - 1:3 Scale Statue  Vampirella-bonus-version_dynamite_gallery_6402757135b00

    Collector edition : 1558.13€
    Bonus Version : 1674.63

    “You have become like me. Like Dracula and Eva...We are all monsters.”
    Prime 1 Studio is proud to present a breathtaking addition into our Museum Masterline Series: the 1:3 Scale MMVP-01: Vampirella Design by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau from Dynamite Entertainment!
    Hot from the pages of Dynamite’s thrilling monthly comic, the one and only VAMPIRELLA comes to you from the fantastic mind of Stanley Lau and the impressive artistry of Prime 1 Studio! Based on Vampirella No. 6’s famous Artgerm cover, Prime 1 Studio’s 22-inch tall Vampirella collectible statue carries on with the theme of Vampi unwinding by herself on a finely appointed chaise lounge base, adorned with the familiars and accessories of her world.
    Prime 1 Studio’s impressive artists took the kernel of Artgerm’s cover and expanded on the theme to present a full-bodied Vampirella, complete with furniture and environment. It’s easy to see that Studio’s sculptors were inspired by Stanley’s art, by the intricate delicateness of each of her hair strands. It’s stunning in its layered complexity.
    Her face is textured with small, sublime pores and translucent skin. Being a creature of supernatural origins, she always looks like she is glowing, and Prime 1 Studio captures this perfectly. They’ve also captured Vampirella’s intense, hypnotic stare as well. Her look, a mix of invitation, and subtle warning, sum up how dangerously desirable she is. While Vampirella fights on the side of good, she still needs blood to survive, and Prime 1 Studio’s painters have interpreted that very well. They’ve also rendered what little clothing she has on as true to its natural material as possible. Each precise stitch, every wrinkle, and slight leather texture are reproduced to perfection, making this a coveted addition to your horror collectibles display.
    The chaise that Vampirella lounges on supports her relaxed demeanor very well. It features quilted leather, fine wooden carvings, and a large textured throw blanket. A goblet of spilled blood adorns the blanket, while a small, rising colony of bats balances her out very well. Encircling Vampirella’s fine leather boots are some venomous snakes slithering between a dozen or so human skulls. 
    Moreover, by ordering the Bonus Version, you will get a displayable Vampirella logo as an added perk!
    This deliciously spooky Vampirella statue will no doubt make a sexy addition to your dimly lit Dynamite Entertainment collectibles fan cave, so don't miss your chance to order today!

    Height: 21.7" (55.1 cm)
    Width: 21.25" (54 cm)
    Depth: 13.77" (35 cm)
    Weight: 62.3 lbs (28.3 kg) *

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    VAMPIRELLA - 1:3 Scale Statue  Empty Re: VAMPIRELLA - 1:3 Scale Statue

    Message  TOOCHOSE Lun 06 Mar 2023, 13:08

    vraiment sublime mais le tarif fait mal, la vampire te suce pas que le sang geek

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