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    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue


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    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Empty DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue

    Message  doom Dim 22 Jan 2023, 12:09


    1:3 scale statue

    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Death-metal-batman_dc-comics_gallery_63b5ec8dd9a88_lg

    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Death-metal-batman_dc-comics_gallery_63b5ec8e50a5a_lg

    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Death-metal-batman_dc-comics_gallery_63b5ec918724e_lg

    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Death-metal-batman_dc-comics_gallery_63b5ec92073a9_lg

    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Death-metal-batman_dc-comics_gallery_63b5ecafe78e8_lg

    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Death-metal-batman_dc-comics_gallery_63b5ecb060e6e_lg

    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Death-metal-batman-deluxe-version_dc-comics_gallery_63b5ed35927f1_lg

    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Death-metal-batman-deluxe-version_dc-comics_gallery_63b5ed38dfa2a_lg

    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Death-metal-batman-deluxe-version_dc-comics_gallery_63b5ed6e1d82d_lg

    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Death-metal-batman-deluxe-bonus-version_dc-comics_gallery_63b5ee385565b_lg

    DEATH METAL BATMAN - 1:3 scale statue Death-metal-batman-deluxe-bonus-version_dc-comics_gallery_63b5ee36ee9eb_lg

    Collector Edition : €1,525.07
    Deluxe Version : €1,715.11
    Deluxe Bonus Version : €1,781.63

    "You know me. You don’t know Batman."
    Prime 1 Studio is extremely excited to be rocking one of the greatest Dark Knight designs of all time: the 1:3 Scale DEATH METAL BATMAN from DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL!
    Dark Nights: Death Metal was meant to end all previous storylines and universes into a single universe. With all of reality at stake, it is in the midst of this battlefield that we meet Death Metal Batman. This version of Batman is a head-banging, hard-rocking, lead-guitar soloist of doom as he goes head-to-head against the evil forces of the Darkest Knight, himself, The Batman Who Laughs!
    Prime 1 Studio has crafted a Batman at his most dangerous! At a commanding 41 inches tall, he has shed every pretense of subtlety! Batman has covered himself in a grungy, bat-like leather trench coat with over large shoulder spikes, solid metal bracers with razor-sharp fins, and an industrial strength utility belt chained to the toughest-looking, butt-kicking boots! In the books, his trench coat grants Batman the power to cloak himself from detection. The Dark Knight has taken it upon himself to become a post-apocalyptic Grim Reaper by wielding a giant scythe as his signature weapon! Most of all, he has found himself the owner of a powerful Black Lantern ring, allowing him to command an inexhaustible supply of reanimated corpses: his Undead Army!
    Struggling against Batman is one of The Batman Who Laughs’ Robin Minions, clearly, quite upset at being captured and chained up like a rabid dog. They are surrounded by a small contingent of desiccated zombies and eldritch tentacles! All this, set against a backdrop of gothic ironwork, high-octane exhausts, realistic, bat-themed masonry...even a severed head on a pike! The skull of Barbatos, the Bat God, adorns this heavy metal, hard-rock, love letter to crazy statue bases!
    Take it from the passionate craftsmen at Prime 1 Studio, in the battle against the ultimate, universe, and reality-ending evil...this Batman collectible statue SHREDS HARDCORE!
    Complete your ever-growing DC Comics collectibles display and Dark Nights: Metal statue collection with this breathtaking addition today!
    BrandDC ComicsManufacturerPrime 1 StudioTypeStatue 1:3 Scale StatueGenreSuperhero Comic Book Dark Fantasy Pop Culture
    The Death Metal Batman 1:3 Scale Statue features:

    • Statue Size is approximately over 41 inches tall [H:105cm W:71cm D:56cm]

    • Barbatos-theme base featuring chained Robin Minion


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