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VENOM Premium Format Figure


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VENOM Premium Format Figure Empty VENOM Premium Format Figure

Message  doom Sam 15 Jan 2022, 15:59


Premium Format Figure

VENOM Premium Format Figure Venom_marvel_gallery_61e0c4d6c472e

VENOM Premium Format Figure Venom_marvel_gallery_61e0c4d79b7b9

VENOM Premium Format Figure Venom_marvel_gallery_61e0c4d9101af

VENOM Premium Format Figure Venom_marvel_gallery_61e0c4db2d2d5

VENOM Premium Format Figure Venom_marvel_gallery_61e0c4da53139

VENOM Premium Format Figure Venom_marvel_gallery_61e0c4dba160e

$650 - Sep 2022 - Nov 2022

Sideshow presents the Venom Premium Format:tm: Figure, prepared to bond with your Marvel collectibles.
The Venom Premium Format Figure measures 23.12” tall and 18.56″ wide as the monstrous symbiote stalks his prey in the sewers beneath Oscorp Labs. Under his feet, remnants of the Goblin Glider are consumed by green chemicals and in his powerful claws he holds Peter Parker’s signature Spider-Man mask, torn to shreds. Enemies beware — when Venom’s lashing tongue and gnashing teeth are exposed in a wicked grin, you might make his next meal!
The polystone Venom Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted to capture the hulking might of Eddie Brock bonded to the Klyntar symbiote. Venom’s muscled physique features depth of texture and color to give the impression of the living, breathing alien substance moving as tendrils snake off of his arms and legs. His signature spider-symbol is embedded in his chest and back, recalling the early days of the symbiote’s time bonded to another host. Whether he’s an antihero or a villain, Venom makes a must-have addition to any Spider-Man collection.

Snare another symbiote for your shelf and bring home the Venom Premium Format Figure today!


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